Too many nights on earth

Good news, fellas!!It increasingly looks like we're going to spend some more time together! The poor bugger from which I surfaced got something like an ultimate body blow dealt straight into his plexus, and will certainly now be spending his awaken hours trying to absorb it, one way or the other. Which means I'm in charge of this yard!Since I know firsthand that at least two among you are reading this, I encourage you to dump your trash in the commenting zone (provided at the end of the post). Nothing like a good wordfight to get you... [Lire la suite]
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Cycles, ferns, system

Hello, People of the DrainI just tripped over Flibuste 1.3's visitors datas, and noticed that they're forming cycles! Just like credit cycles. I should work them into some kind of algorithm, link it to the subprimes market, and see what happens. Maybe the next bust's name will appear in glittering number letters over some trading floors? Who knows what will happen next? 'Dear traders, UBS will soon bite the dust! Please remain quie...' and then, amid mischief and chaos, some Treasury Dpt spokesperson gets brutally molested, then... [Lire la suite]
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Afternoon Fallacy

Cheerios everyone!David-David's at work, poring over banking datas and devising an analysis matrix, probably thinking himself a Big Deal. No wonder he's got such weak fuses! With interests like that, you can as well buy a shack in the outback and retire with a high-speed Internet connection...It looks like lots of people have taken a beat on last saturday evening. It was the closing night of our little town's Jazz Festival, which is a shame at every level. We ought to be glad to have such events taking place, but sill, the Local... [Lire la suite]
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